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 Welcome to VISIDEX.com - definition - ["Visibility Index"] -

Visidex.com is created by Robert L McLeod and is the latest incarnation of the search engine GotThatOnline.com that started up in 1999.

The aim of Visidex.com is to build a database of Online Business and Traditional Offline Business (without a website). We don't spider the web so only those individuals and businesses that want to be listed with us must manually list their details. Its easy..

So how are we different from every one else?

  • We have search technology that no one else is using today: You can still search by using full words, however the way you can search is totally different from others ie. if you want to try searching by using part words (using the first 4 or 5 letters) of a business plus snippets of information you may remember about a business: Using combinations of information is extremely powerful eg 4/4/4 - this technique is best used for offline businesses.
  • Our directory is very user friendly as we don't have the multiple form fields that a lot of "local directories" have plus you can list extra information allowing people searching for you to find you quicker and easier than they could with anyone else online.
  • We are Online Business front page specific (that means we list the front page only), and we also list Offline Businesses and encourage owners to incorporate business nick names that locals may know their business as, cross roads (if a business is on a corner why not put that in the details etc) and landmarks. You can add all sorts of usefull information to help people find you.
  • List extra Info such as Instagram, FaceBook, Google+, Twitter, MySpace, RSVP, Be Naughty, YouTube Channels, even your Uber details- Sell yourself, Get yourself out there. .
  • This combines to give people that visit us excellent options when searching, offering a quality set of search results which in turn benefits the person searching and the website owner alike.

This is our database, we do not use any other companies data and we've been around since 1998.

Try It: List your business and try searching for yourself with different combinations of information. Click your choice >> Your Online Business - Your Offline Business - You or Your Business will be added within 24 hours.

If you have a website, any website including eBay stores, Twitter pages, Facebook pages, Google +, Youtube, MySpace, even a site hosted at FreeServers.com, a personal site, blogs, affiliate site, free sites or even ffa pages, list your website with us. This is another simple way to bring more visitors and improve traffic to your site.

Visidex.com is another effectiveClick here to list business so you can update anytime.

Visidex.com is all about developing ongoing useful options for the online community.

Our mission remains constant.. to provide affordable and effective advertising world wide. If you are not listed in our search engine you are already missing out.

We continue to refine our search process on a regular basis and strive to provide quality search results.

We aim to bring you a simple, clutter free, useful and user friendly service.

Visidex.com is constantly updated. We would like your experience to be easy and enjoyable. Bookmark us and come back soon.

Thank you.

The Team at VISIDEX.com