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For 19 years Visidex.com has been helping websites get more visitors and make more sales.

If you have a website or offline business, list it with us, it's another simple to bring more visitors to your site, Our pricing is simple - $1.50USD one off payment which keeps us up and running.

You can update your listing once every 24 hours if necessary to keep your business information the most up to date.

Our listings allow the owner to add and display an additional 5 clickable links such as your Twitter page, Facebook, Youtube Channels etc, infact any link that belongs to you or your business can be included in your details.

The Visidex.com database is hand edited old school and is also spiderd by the worlds largest search engines which increases your coverage. This is how all Local Directories type businesses get aditional exposure for your business.

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List your website in Visidex.com
No Website? No Problem

List your Website or Local Business in Visidex.com and get valuable local and global exposure.
For all products you can add 5 additional relevant links that appear in your listing.
Links may include but are not limited to - your Instagram, Twitter account, Facebook, Youtube channel, G+, Yahoo!, dating websites like RSVP or Be Naughty, infact any link that relates to something of yours.
Permanant listing - $1.50
Permanant listing - $1.50

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